Rich in omega-3-fatty acids

Chia Oil

· Food supplement ·
3.38 OZ (100 ml)

»Chia« (salvia hispanica) means »power« in Mayan languages. Already 5,000 years ago, the seeds of this traditional cultivated plant were appreciated by the ancient Maya people and the Aztecs as a nutritious basic food, especially for travelers.

BIO PLANÈTE Chia Oil is pressed from high-grade South American seeds. With its outstanding content of alpha-Linolenic acid, it is among the vegetable oils with the highest proportion of omega 3 fatty acids, and even outdoes the popular flaxseed oil in this quality.

Mild chia oil is excellent for improving salads, dips, and dressings, also for warm vegetable dishes. A few drops added to a yogurt or smoothie contribute to a healthy day. 

Origin **
Paraguay, Argentina
Feeding Instructions
Suitable for vegetarians, vegans and a raw food diet.
Storage Information
Store at room temperature and out of direct sunlight. Refrigerate after opening. Keep out of reach of children.
Do not heat.

Product of organic farming

** For this product, the raw materials may in some cases originate from other countries. This especially holds true in cases of crop shortfall, or when batches of raw goods do not meet our quality requirements. In any event, the raw material are being tested by BIO PLANÈTE and are in 100% compliance with our strict organic quality requirements. The respective origin is always noted on the product label.

Each recommended daily dose (2g) contains:
Polyunsaturates: 1,67 g,
Omega 3 alpha-Linolenic acid: 1,28 g

Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a balanced and varied diet. The recommended daily intake of a maximum of 2 g / 0.07 oz. must not be exceeded.


Apricot Jam with Chia Oil

Enjoy an easy homemade spread for your breakfast with chia oil.

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