Bonjour! We are the first purely organic oil mill in Europe.


19. February 2024

It all began in 1984 with the pressing of French sunflower seeds. 40 years later, as a Franco-German family business, we produce more than 70 different cold-pressed organic oils and can proudly say that we are the first pure organic oil mill in Europe and the market leader in the German and French specialised trade.

Our guiding principle is #FOOD CHANGES THE WORLD. Because we develop and produce organic oils in the knowledge that good food is a source of pleasure, a guardian of health and a protector of the climate all in one. We want to give people the opportunity to choose food that is good for them and for the environment.  

With this in mind, we have developed a 3D-process for our exceptionally mild Flaxseed Oil , for example, as well as very special oil blends such as the Oil Mixture for Pizza & Pasta, which give even simple dishes that certain something in no time at all. In 2023, we also launched the Rev|OIL|ution and, with the new reusable oil bottle with a pourer, we are continuing to develop edible oil packaging in a sustainable way.

Our anniversary motto for the whole of 2024 will be »40 years of #FOOD CHANGES THE WORLD« - and Biofach will mark the start of a series of celebrations. 

Bon appétit!