Upcycling & Creativity


The world of our oils doesn’t end at the kitchen. How about a relaxed garden party with friends? 
Or a home-made gift? Waste a bit of time!
From now on, this is where you will find crafts tips, invitation cards and other delightful time-wasters to spice up your life.


Make your own vegan oilcloth. Homemade oilcloths are a great, plastic-free alternative to plastic wrap and can be used in a variety of ways around the house.

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What to do with the beautiful Coconut Oil glasses when they are emptied? We have a creative craft idea for Easter: With a few simple steps you can turn the Coconut Oil Glasses into a cute bunny! No matter if you use them as table decoration or if you love to bring them with you, they are always a real eye-catcher!

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BIO PLANÈTE empty Coconut Oil glasses can be decorated with flowers in no time at all.
Let yourself be inspired!

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Give someone a little treat: with these simple instructions you can whip up a great gift box for tiny surprises in no time at all. Easy as pie, no glue needed. They also make lovely little decorations. 
Have fun trying them out.

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When it gets cold and uncomfortable outside, it’s time to get cosy inside.

With a cosy blanket, cocoa and a few homemade oil lamps, the home becomes a place of well-being in no time at all.

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