Energy quark with Omega Orange



250 g quark -curd cheese
1-2 tablespoons Omega Orange
2 tbsp milk
1 tablespoon blossom honey to sweeten as desired
2-3 tbsp 6-grain muesli or ground nuts
fresh fruit of the season or sun-dried fruits and berries as desired

Mix the curd cheese with the milk and the Flax Oil Mixture to a smooth mixture. Stir in blossom honey as desired. If you work with dried fruits, stir them into the quark as well.

Arrange the first half of the cottage cheese in a glass or cereal bowl.
Pile up muesli and nuts. Cover everything completely with the rest
of the cottage cheese.

Finally, cover with fresh fruit or berries as desired.

The energy quark (curd cheese) can be consumed immediately. However, it is also ideal as an overnight breakfast cottage cheese: For this purpose, mix all ingredients, store overnight in the fridge and consume in the morning.