Sweet Potato Spread



100g potatoes
100g cabbage* cut into fine strips
100g diced turnips
200g sliced carrots
300g diced pork
1 finely sliced onion
2 litres water
salt, pepper
4 tablespoons BIO PLANÈTE extra virgin olive oil from Portugal

* You will rarely find the type of cabbage that is used in Portugal for this speciality. You can equally
use cauliflower leaves or white cabbage


Brown the onions in the BIO PLANÈTE olive oil, add the meat and vegetables, add the water and
season. Simmer for one hour at a low temperature. Serve the vegetable stock as a starter in earthenware bowls with fresh bread and butter. Keep the meat and vegetables warm. Pour a little BIO PLANÈTE olive oil over the vegetables and serve with the meat as the main course.