Salad of snow pea and shrimps

34 min.
working time


200 g Snow pea
3 Shallots
3 tbsp white wine vinegar
5 tbsp Poultry Broth
50 ml BIO PLANÈTE Walnut Oil Virgin
1/2 Frisee lettuce
1 Lollo Rosso lettuce
1 tomato
2 cloves of garlic
10 Walnuts
20 shrimps read to cook
3 tbsp BIO PLANÈTE Cooking & Frying Oil
Parsley, chive, Chervil


Wash snow peas and cut them in half. Cook them in salty water al dente. Cut 1 Challot in fine pieces. Mix them Vinegar, Poultry Broth, Salt and Pepper and Walnut Oil Virgin. Marinate snow peas with this Vinaigrette. Wash the salad und cut it in easy eatable pieces. Cut tomato and the rest of the challots in small pieces. Hack the walnuts. Wash Shirmps and fry them with shallots, Garlic and walnuts for two minutes with the BIO PLANÈTE Cooking & Frying Oil. Mix tomatoes to it. Taste it with salt and pepper. Put the salad on a plate, add shrimps, Snow peas and cut herbs.

Used Products

Walnut Oil


100 ml

Cooking & Frying Oil


500 ml | 1 L | 3 L