Nutty chocolate spread

25 min.
working time

Serves 3


300g / 11 oz dark chocolate
80g / 3 oz blanched almonds, ground
50g / 1¾ oz cashews
5 tbsp of BIO PLANÈTE Flaxseed Oil
a pinch of salt


Melt chocolate slowly in a bain-marie. Grind the cashews in a blender, add almonds. When the nuts are finely ground, add the salt, pour in the chocolate and keep blending to make a consistently creamy mixture. When the mix has just cooled down, it will still be runny. Add in the Flaxseed Oil at this point. To store, pour into a clean jar and leave to set at room temperature.

Used Products

Flaxseed Oil

100 ml | 250 ml | 500 ml