Three BIO PLANÈTE oils voted Best Organic Product 2022


9. February 2022

For ten years, BIO PLANÈTE oils from the Huilerie Moog from Audoise have been awarded with the “Best Organic Product ”.  In 2022 the Extra Virgin Olive Oil PGI Chania Kritis received a score of 18.19/20 and won the first place in the oils and spices category. BIO PLANÈTE is proud to have won first place for the fourth consecutive year. Since it signifies a real recognition from consumers for their years of expertise. Located in the heart of the Occitanie region, Huilerie Moog for almost 40 years has been producing more than 70 different oils at its Bram production site. As an organic pioneer, the oil mill with its 90 employees shares the love of natural and responsible products every day. 

The "Best Organic Product"1 is a national award that recognises outstanding organic products and assists consumers in their purchase of a high quality, good and efficient products. Three BIO PLANÈTE products have received an award in the oils and spices category: the Extra Virgin Olive Oil PGI Chania Kritis (Crete), the Toasted Pumpkin Seed Oil and finally the Oil Mixture for Pizza & Pasta

Learn more about the winners that are ideal for organic, healthy and delicious cooking!


The Extra Virgin Olive Oil PGI Chania Kritis (Crete – Greece).

BIO PLANÈTE reveals the richness of the region of the Greek islands with its premium brand oil, obtained from the same variety of olives, i.e. the Koroneiki olives, and bearing the PGI designation Chania Kritis, a quality mark and a guarantee of European origin. These olives are grown in an ideal climate with hot summers, mild winters, very little rain and are bursting with herbaceous flavours.



Roasted Pumpkin Seed Oil.

Here, BIO PLANÈTE lives up to the Austrian tradition through its manufacturing process. The pumpkin seeds from the Styria region are particularly voluminous. They are picked by hand, cleaned and roasted. Their shells contain large amounts of chlorophyll and carotene, which give them their special and bright red-green colour. An original method for enhancing dishes!



The Oil Mixture  for Pizza & Pasta 

Through its new range "Taste the world", BIO PLANÈTE promotes the return to homemade with its Oil Mixtrue for Pizza & Pasta. It brings a touch of Italy to the table and provides a real change for the palate. With its aromas of olives, garlic, tomatoes, herbs and chillies, this oil adds the necessary spice to hot or cold dishes in no time at all.


1 “Best Organic” product is an award for outstanding organic and ecological products sold in organic specialty stores. It was created by Biotopia (formerly Bio à la Une), a communications and consulting company for organic and eco-labelled brands. Since 2012, the Best Organic Product is represented by a label on each package of a product that received an award in 32 categories: food, health, hygiene, beauty, household.