The new BIO PLANÈTE products
– for every day and for those very special moments

20. February 2020 

With great joy and pride, we are presenting our two new BIO PLANÈTE products at Biofach 2020. In our products, you can taste our love for oils, our expertise, and our passion for innovation. Both of the new products are certified according to our high standards for organic foods and are unique on the German market. Curtain up!

The all-rounder for the kitchen

With BIO PLANÈTE Shea Butter, we have brought a taste of Africa to European cuisine. This is because the so-called “African Gold” is not only used in cosmetics and medicine, but also primarily as a foodstuff. Women in Africa have long been using the soft butter extracted from the nut of the shea or karité tree as an oil for cooking and baking. Shea butter also makes for a great vegan sandwich spread and can be used in a similar way to dairy-based butter, but contains around 50 percent more unsaturated fats. And the cherry on top: BIO PLANÈTE Shea Butter gives baked goods a glorious golden-brown crispiness.

Try it out for yourself: BIO PLANÈTE Shea Butter is due to enter the market from May 2020.

Exotic indulgence for special moments

The scent of freshly roasted peanuts inspired us to make this special oil: our new BIO PLANÈTE Roasted Peanut Oil. It stands out thanks to its uniquely powerful and exotic taste and gives hearty fish, meat, and vegetable dishes a special flavour. Our tip: use BIO PLANÈTE Roasted Peanut Oil to make peanut dips or peanut butter. Those are a particular favourite of ours!

BIO PLANÈTE Roasted Peanut Oil is fairtrade and is perfect for use in cooking or baking. Thanks to its high unsaturated fat and vitamin E content, it is a healthy alternative to conventional cooking oils.