Avocado Oil - a real all-rounder!

Here are eight interesting facts about our Virgin Avocado Oil

Did you know that you can also cook and steam with Virgin Avocado Oil? Or that the oil provides a natural sun protection factor on the skin? We have compiled some amazing facts about our BIO PLANÈTE Avocado Oil in "Fair for Life" quality for you:

Cold pressed

For our Avocado Oil, the entire fruit is gently cold pressed once directly after harvesting. In this way, the valuable nutrients of the avocado are fully preserved, such as the high vitamin E content.

Ideal for steaming & cooking

Due to its heatability, Avocado Oil is ideal for steaming & cooking.

Experienced partners

Our avocados come from a network of small independent producers like the Mbuthia family in central Kenya. There, like hundreds of other farmers, they have been cultivating avocados for over 10 years and have thus been able to finance an education for their children.

Fairly traded

Our Avocado Oil is "Fair for Life" certified. It expands the definition of fair trade and has one of the most comprehensive catalogues of criteria, covering social responsibility, environmental protection, fair trade, local responsibilities and respect for customers.

Good things come to those who wait

It takes about eight months for the fine blossoms of the avocado trees to turn into ripe fruit ready for harvesting. Still on site, the pulp is gently cold-pressed once. About 80 fruits from the trees of the Mbuthia family are needed for one litre of organic oil.

100 % pure & "Fair for Life" certified Avocado Oil

Avocado Oil is often a component of oil mixtures. Our BIO PLANÈTE Avocado Oil is the only 100% pure Avocado Oil in the organic trade that has a "Fair for Life" certification.

Butter substitute

Even the Majas and Aztecs called the avocado the "butter of the forest" because of its soft, buttery taste. To this day, the people of Latin America use the pulp of the avocado as a substitute for butter.


Avocado Oil is also popular for cosmetic use. It can be used to care for dry skin and dry & damaged hair. Applied to the skin, the oil protects against environmental influences and even offers a natural sun protection factor of 3-4.

True partners

Meet Eunice and Bernard Mbuthia from Kenya! Our avocado producers. 

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