BIO PLANÈTE is Best Organic Product 2022


3. December 2021

We are proud to present the Best Organic Products from BIO PLANÈTE: the Oil Mixture for Pizza & Pasta, the Flaxseed Oil Mixture Omega Purple and the Fresh & Fruity Oil Pulling Treatment.

We collected the glass trophies awarded to us at the beginning of December in Aschaffenburg, Germany - from the bio verlag, which dreamt up the competition on the German organic market. All was done in conformity with covid regulations. We think that's great because it involves consumers actually tasting and then rating the products. And their satisfaction is ultimately our greatest award for us as a manufacturer.    

By the way, BIO PLANÈTE is celebrating its achievement for the third time in a row: Our unbitter Flaxseed Oil Virgin is the Best Organic Product 2020 and our Shea Butter the Best Organic Product 2021.

Olive, chili and herbs - a spicy eye-catcher for the table

With 1,500 Scoville and a unique herb-tomato blend, our Oil Mixture for Pizza & Pasta scored high. It gives dishes an extra zing, as judged by the testers.

"In France, it has long been common to spice up Italian dishes with a flavourful oil. We love this kind of taste enjoyment, so we created the Oil Mixture for Pizza & Pasta," says Judith Moog, “We are pleased that we have met the discerning taste buds of the best organic testers with this spicy oil."

Lavender, tangerine, vanilla - and a whole lot of omega 3

BIO PLANÈTE Flaxseed Oil Mixture Omega Purple is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, 100% organic and contains essential oil of real organic vanilla. Thus, the Flaxseed Oil can be wonderfully integrated into the diet, the testers tell us.

"Our unbitter Flaxseed Oil is one of our favourite oils. And we take great pleasure in reinterpreting it again and again," says BIO PLANÈTE owner Judith Moog, "so we are particularly pleased that the new Flaxseed Oil Mixture Omega Purple has been named Best Organic Product 2022."

Seven natural ingredients for a good mouth sensation

Mild yet naturally refreshing, our Fresh & Fruity Oil Pulling Treatment impressed the Best Organic Product testers. 

"Because oil pulling are often perceived as too pungent, we have combined traditional ingredients such as sesame oil with modern components such as mandarin and turmeric with the Fresh & Fruity Oil Pulling Treatment. This fruity-fresh taste was voted Best Organic 2022," Judith Moog is pleased to say, "which makes us exceedingly proud and at the same time is an incentive to continue to research our customers' needs very closely in the future."