Beetroot-and-apple salad with lamb's lettuce and red grapes

20 min.
working time

Serves One


1 handful of lamb's lettuce
1 boiled beetroot
1 apple
1 handful of red grapes 
2 tbsp quark
1 tbsp orange juice
1 pinch each of salt and pepper
1 tsp  Flaxseed Oil Mixture Omega Pink


First, mix the quark, orange juice, salt and pepper, then place in a salad bowl. Dice the beetroot, cut the peeled apple into thin slices and quarter the grapes. Now add the sliced ingredients to the quark mixture along with the lamb's lettuce, add the well-shaken Omega Pink and mix in.

Used Products

Omega Pink

Flaxseed Oil Mixture for use as a food supplement
100 ml