Judith Moog is the entrepreneur of the year

09. October 2020 

At the "TROPHÉES DES FEMMES DE L'INDUSTRIE" awards, Judith Moog was named “Entrepreneur of the Year 2020” ("Femme entrepreneure 2020”) in France. The glass trophy was presented to the owner of the Moog oil mill and founder of the BIO PLANÈTE brand by Agnès Pannier-Runacher, the Assistant Minister for Industry in France. 

As the patron of the event, Agnès Pannier-Runacher paid special tribute to the remarkable development of the Moog oil mill, which began 35 years ago on an organic farm in the south of France. Today the 150 employees at the two sites in Bram (France) and Klappendorf (Germany) produce more than 70 different premium oils in organic quality. BIO PLANÈTE has also firmly established itself as the market leader in the German and French specialist trade.


Judith Moog, organic pioneer, entrepreneur and visionary.

The entrepreneur Judith Moog is behind the success of the Moog oil mill. Judith Moog completed her school education and studies in nutritional science in Germany, France and Rwanda. At only 21 years of age, she took over her father’s organic company, strategically realigned it and developed it into Europe's first organic oil mill - driven by the vision of making a positive contribution to the world as a producer of sustainable premium oils and with ethical principles, and establishing organic agriculture as the only sustainable form of agriculture. 

Since then, the number of employees has risen from a handful to 150. In addition to the locations in France and Germany, the company also maintains a small branch in Asia.

From the very beginning, purely ecological value chains and fair partnerships have been the basis for Judith Moog’s entrepreneurship. The 52-year-old also focuses on product innovations and the development of modern processes in order to remain future-proof and competitive as a manufacturer. This commitment is highly appreciated by consumers, which is shown among other things by the steadily growing interest in organic oils.


"The 1980s was not about surfing a fashion wave. We needed a lot of perseverance and persuasion to assert our values and to be recognised”, says Judith Moog. "Back then, I developed my own idea of a pioneering company in which ecological business plays a key role. And I am convinced that it is important to grow in line with your own values. For me, working as an entrepreneur means following a vision and making decisions accordingly. It's a challenge I like to face every day."


The "TROPHÉES DES FEMMES DE L’INDUSTRIE" are organised by the Groupe Industrie Services Info (GISI) and recognise exemplary female careers in all industrial sectors in France. This competition is open to all companies, regardless of their size, and at the same time is intended to provide a platform to highlight the achievements of women in business and promote the careers of women in companies.

Every year, the competition honours remarkable women in ten different categories, including "Woman in Production" ("Femme de production"), "Woman in Innovation" ("Femme d'innovation") or "Woman for Sustainable Development" ("Femme du développement durable").

This year's ceremony took place on 22 September 2020 at the Wagram Pavilion in Paris.