Gold Medal for BIO PLANÈTE

25. October 2019 

The BIO PLANÈTE Olive Oil & Truffle has been awarded with the Gold medal for the best foreign organic product of the year at the organic trade fair Natura Food in the Polish city of Łódź.

Natura Food is the largest and most important event of the industry for organic products in Poland and the whole of Eastern Europe. The trade show takes place every year in October and counts more than 300 exhibitors and 12,000 visitors. A highlight of the fair is the award ceremony of the best products in the categories organic, tradition and nutrition. The Natura Food Award enjoys a high reputation in the industry. The medal, which may be printed on the award-winning products, has become a symbol of quality in Poland.

BIO PLANÈTE has already won this gold medal for the third time. In 2017 the BIO PLANÈTE Flaxseed Oil, in 2018 the BIO PLANÈTE Oil Pulling Treatment Fresh and this year Olive Oil & Truffle has been awarded as the best foreign organic product.

The delicate Olive Oil & Truffle is one hundred percent natural: The production is completely without the addition of essential oils or essences and only fresh white Alba truffles are used. The truffles are preserved in high quality Italian olive oil and give the oil a very special aroma. A few drops refine risotto, pasta, potato dishes, or other dishes.