Ölmühle Moog supporting camelina seed cultivation

20. February 2020 

Seed cultivation is a cross-generational task, and it is of vital significance for the future of organic agriculture! Because of this, the Ölmühle Moog is supporting scientific investigation into the camelina plant (commonly known as ‘false flax’) and creating new cultivars.

‘Evaluation of camelina varieties and genetic resources’ is the title of the project being carried out by Research & Cultivation Dottenfelderhof (FZD) in Bad Vilbel in Hesse,  Germany. The project is initially scheduled to run for three years. The aim is to start cultivation after the project has finished, as there has not been any active camelina cultivation in Germany since the 1990s. A new variety could be available for organic farming within eight to ten years. Existing genetic resources of camelina will also be protected, and support will be given for the plant’s propagation and spread. The Ölmühle Moog-commitment is contributing directly to developing its cultivation in Germany in the future, and to transparency in the market for raw ingredients.

Camelina is an old crop that is slowly finding its way back into local fields. Not only is it suitable for ecologically advantageous mixed-crop cultivation, it also produces plenty of nectar and pollen for bees and other insects. Since 2015, the Ölmühle Moog has been using the plant to produce BIO PLANÈTE camelina oil for the range ‘Aus meiner Heimat’. The very light, golden-yellow oil is organically produced and is characterised by a high proportion of polyunsaturated omega 3 fatty acids. It is perfect for salads, crudités, and pesto, as well as for seasoning cooked vegetables, grains, vinaigrettes and smoothies.

As manufacturers of organic products, it is important to us that agriculture is climate-friendly and doesn’t harm the environment. This is why we are involved in numerous events, initiatives and associations in addition to this cultivation project. Amongst other things, the Ölmühle Moog is a partner in the ,Agriculture Alliance for Our Grandchildren’s Future’ (,Bündnis für eine enkeltaugliche Landwirtschaft’), and member of the Organic Food Production Alliance (BÖLW) and the Association of Organic Processors, Wholesalers and Retailers (BNN).