Happy Birthday!

10 Years of BIO PLANÈTE Coconut Oil

March 16, 2016

In 2016, we have a reason to celebrate: a whole decade of BIO PLANÈTE virgin coconut oil. It is high time to take a close look at the exotic all-round talent.

As one of the first oil mills, BIO PLANÈTE has established virgin organic coconut oil on the German market in 2006 already. At that time, the immense trend it should later develop into was by no means a foregone conclusion. However, Judith Moog, owner of the Moog Oil Mill, was confident of this product. The success it would become proved her right: By now, natural BIO PLANÈTE coconut oil can be found not only throughout Germany and France, but also in Polish and Danish specialist shops.

Lasting Quality – For more than Ten Years

The secret of its success lies in the exceptional, constant quality of BIO PLANÈTE coconut oil. It is gently pressed from fresh Philippine organic coconuts – solely using mechanical means, without any chemical processing. It is neither refined, nor bleached, deodorized, or hydrogenated. A delicious smell of fresh coconut and an especially aromatic taste are confirmed in sensory analyses time and again. Its pure white color, its marbling, as well as its tenderly melting consistency are additional evidence of its superior quality.

The oil mill ensures this excellence through a multi-layered system of both internal and independent measures of quality control. Beyond that, BIO PLANÈTE as the first manufacturer has started packaging and sealing its precious coconut oil using the cold vacuum procedure in 2014, in order to guarantee a long shelf life. A paper warranty seal and a plop-sound when opening the glass for the first time guarantee that the coconut oil leaves our oil mill in a flawless condition.

Ten Exciting Years for BIO PLANÈTE Coconut Oil

Despite its lasting unique taste and quality, BIO PLANÈTE coconut oil has changed over the last decade: Since 2014 the oil is not olny available in 200 ml and 400 ml, but also in the 1 L value glass. 2015 the virgin coconut oil welcomed a new member to the BIO PLANÈTE coconut family: mild coconut fat. Equally high in lauric acid it is neutral in scent and savor. The look of the coconut oil has changed over time, too.

Long-standing Partnerships on Equal Terms

The constantly high quality of BIO PLANÈTE coconut oil also is the result of a long-term partnership based on fairness and trust. Roughly 600 organic small farmers on the Philippines cultivate coconut trees in prime organic quality. “We cooperate with the small farmers on equal terms, we put our confidence in their craftsmanship and experience. In doing so, we intend to support them in their independence,” says Judith Moog, whose sideline is organic agriculture. “When the coconut plantations were devastated by a typhoon in 2014, we had to grapple with delivery failures. Still, continuing the cooperation mattered to us,” she adds. The close partnership’s aim is to locally support the oftentimes small agricultural structures in their development, among other things through fair working conditions and a reasonable payment. The small farmers can charge more for organically farmed coconuts than for conventional goods.

For the Anniversary, BIO PLANÈTE Visits the Philippines

The French old-established business saw the jubilee and the consumers’ great interest as an opportunity to invite its customers to a journey to the Philippines. In a short film, the viewer can vividly experience how the organic coconuts are cultivated, harvested, and processed to coconut oil, moreover, one gets a first-hand impression of the local living and working conditions. At the same time, the film portrays the people, the joy, and the passion behind our coconut oil. See the full movie here: 

To the next ten years of BIO PLANÈTE coconut oil!