BIO PLANÈTE takes you to the Philippines in its new video

Short film shows cultivation and processing of organic coconuts

February 9, 2016

10 Jahre BIO PLANÈTE Kokosöl

Bereits 2006 haben wir als eine der ersten Ölmühlen natives Bio-Kokosöl auf den deutschen Markt gebracht. Damals war keineswegs abzusehen, dass sich daraus ein solcher Trend entwickeln würde. Aber Judith Moog war überzeugt von diesem Produkt. Die Vorreiter-Rolle hatte dabei einen entscheidenden Vorteil bei der Suche nach vertrauensvollen Lieferanten, die eine gleichbleibend hohe Qualität gewährleisten können. Das BIO PLANÈTE Kokosöl, das in diesem Jahr seinen zehnten Geburtstag feiert, wird inzwischen auch außerhalb von Deutschland aufgrund seiner hervorragenden Qualität und seines guten Geschmacks geschätzt.

“We are cooperating with the small farmers as partners on equal terms, in doing so, we trust in their know-how and experience. Supporting them in their independence and their actions, standing by them is our concern. Especially when the coconut plantations were devastated by a typhoon in 2014 and we had to grapple with delivery failures, continuing the cooperation mattered to us.” 

- Judith Moog, owner of the oil mill -

10 years of BIO PLANÈTE Coconut Oil

Already in 2006, as one of the first oil mills, BIO PLANÈTE has established virgin organic coconut oil on the German market. Back then, the enormous trend it should later develop into was by no means a foregone conclusion. Yet, Judith Moog was confident of the product. The pioneering role entails an incidental but decisive advantage, namely when it comes to finding trustworthy partners, who are able to guarantee a constantly high quality. BIO PLANÈTE Coconut Oil, which this year celebrates its tenth anniversary, is meanwhile highly appreciated for its outstanding quality and its fine taste well beyond the German borders.

Video: Cultivation and processing of coconuts

The anniversary and the consumers’ interest were reason enough for the old-established business to take both dealers and consumers along to a trip to the Philippines. In a short film, one can vividly experience how organic coconuts are cultivated, harvested, and made into coconut oil. One also gets an impression of the local living and working conditions, but also of the people, the joy, and the passion behind our coconut oil.

See the full video:

Among others, we get to meet 49-year-old Geromino Sabornido, not far from the City of Tayabas on the main island of Luzon. He is one of almost 600 organic small farmers on Luzon and Mindanao who work for BIO PLANÈTE’s long-standing partner in the cultivation of coconut palms according to the ECOCERT-standard. On the four hectares (9.9 acres) of land starting in his backyard, 400 palm trees tower above us. Geronimo does completely without artificial fertilizer and pesticides: “I love organic because it’s healthy. No chemicals – that’s great for the future.” Several times a year, ripe coconuts are harvested – the film impressively shows how the farmers perform this tricky maneuver, involving a long sickle blade connected to the end of an even longer bamboo stick.

A gentle procedure secures high quality

Afterwards, the thick layers of fiber are removed from the nuts right on the spot, before they are promptly taken to the factory. There, in a gentle procedure, the precious natural coconut oil is pressed. It is neither refined, nor bleached or hardened. For farmers like Geronimo Sabornido, organic farming pays off – they get a higher price for organic coconuts than for conventional produce.

Virgin coconut oil is a versatile natural product with a considerable health value, additionally, it is highly heat-resistant. Gently pressed BIO PLANÈTE Coconut Oil is highly esteemed, particularly for its outstanding quality, its purity, and its authentic taste. It is well-suited for a multitude of applications in natural cosmetics. It is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.