BIO PLANÈTE Sunflower Oil is the test winner

9. August 2021 

The magazine Öko-Test rated our BIO PLANÈTE Sunflower Oil Virgin in its issue 8/2021 as “very good”. Among the 21 oils tested, our oil is the test winner - no other oil received this high rating.

Öko-Test evaluated the sensory properties, i.e. taste and smell. In addition, the oils were tested for polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH), mineral oil components (MOSH / POSH), Alternaria toxins, plasticisers and glyphosate, among other things. In all of these tests, our Sunflower Oil was rated “very good”.

We are very pleased that Öko-Test confirms the high quality of our
BIO PLANÈTE Sunflower Oil, Virgin.

Sunflower Oil

500 ml | 1 L | 3 L