Coconut Body Scrub
Sea salt peeling with coconut oil

For 2-3 applications


3 tbsp  Coconut Oil
3 tbsp coarse-grained sea salt
3 tbsp. fine salt (or Dead Sea salt)
1 clean glass with lid (container/ storage vessel)

Other ingredients on request: essential oils, minerals, coconut flakes, flowers, coconut milk etc.

Put the Coconut Oil into a small bowl and melt in a water bath. Stir in the salt and the other favored ingredients. Then fill the finished peeling into a clean glass. Put the lid on it and allow it to set again in the refrigerator.

Application: It is the best to use the scrub under the shower. With circular movements rub the body with the scrub and then rinse off with warm water For subsequent care, simply spread a little Coconut Oil evenly on the skin.