Proteins  |  For a Protein-Rich Diet

The BIO PLANÈTE Protein Flours are made from the 100 % natural, organic ingredients used when pressing oil. Once the oil has been extracted from these seeds and nuts, they are ground into fine flour which are perfect for protein-rich baking or as a gluten-free substitute for other flours. Enriched with natural ingredients such as fruits, the flours are made into ready-to-use Protein Mixes for use as food supplements. All BIO PLANÈTE Protein Flours and Mixes are vegan and rich in fiber.

Proteins are one of the key nutrients which human beings require every day, amongst other things to build muscles, organs and cells. The BIO PLANÈTE proteins are an extremely simple way to improve your daily protein intake, as they are exceptionally high in protein. That makes them a perfect dietary component, especially for people with an increased protein requirement, such as sportspeople, adolescents, pregnant women, senior citizens and vegans.