Demeter Olive Oil

· Olive Oil Extra Virgin ·
500 ml

Our Demeter Olive Oil originates from the olive groves of Monte Novo Da Fonte Corcho in the Southern Portuguese Alentejo region. Here, a family of Swiss origin cultivates olives in a biodynamic manner. This gentle and natural way of agriculture focuses on sustainable and preserving methods of farming, and secures the superior quality of this olive oil. In their state-of-the-art mill, the family processes organic olives only. The resulting oils have been Demeter-certified since 2009. The family came to Portugal in the year 2000, with the aim to produce healthy organic foods. Since then, they have gradually expanded their farmland. Today, it has more than 28,000 olive trees, some of them older than 500 years.

This oil is one of the first food products in Germany and France which has been rated with the Planet Score. For this eco-labelling, additional indicators are used alongside the life cycle assessment to better capture the environmental impact of food production. Read more about the Planet Score.

Recipe ideas and use of Demeter Olive Oil Extra Virgin

With a hint of green apple, our Demeter Olive Oil Extra Virgin is great with vegetable salads, raw vegetables, and hearty casseroles.

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Origin **
Feeding Instructions
Suitable for vegetarians, vegans and a raw food diet.
Allergy Notes
Produced in a factory where peanuts, sesame seeds and nuts are handled.
Storage Information
Store at room temperature and out of direct sunlight.
Suitable for frying.

Product of organic farming

** For this product, the raw materials may in some cases originate from other countries. This especially holds true in cases of crop shortfall, or when batches of raw goods do not meet our quality requirements. In any event, the raw material are being tested by BIO PLANÈTE and are in 100% compliance with our strict organic quality requirements. The respective origin is always noted on the product label.

367 kJ (819 kcal)
91 g
of which saturates
15 g
of which mono-unsaturated
72 g
of which polyunsaturated
3,6 g
0 g
of which sugars
0 g
0 g
0 g
vitamin E
21 mg
(175 % **)

Average nutritional analysis for 100 ml
** % of daily reference intake (adults)

30 min.

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