Easter in a glass

What to do with the beautiful Coconut Oil glasses when they are emptied? We have a creative craft idea for Easter: With a few simple steps you can turn the Coconut Oil Glasses into a cute bunny! No matter if you use them as table decoration or if you love to bring them with you, they are always a real eye-catcher!

For the DIY Easter glass with long ears you only need a few things:

1. 1 big Coconut Oil Glass

2. two drawing boxes in the colour purple and white

3. a few eyes

4. spray bottle in the colour white 

5. scissors

6. felt-tip pen in the colour black

7. hot glue gun

8. marshmallows

1. Prepare all the craft utensils.

2. Spray the glass lid with the white paint.

3. Glue your eyes to the glass.

4.Print out the template for the ears on a drawing cardboard and cut out the ears along the lines.

5. Glue the ears together.

6. Glue the ears onto the glass lid.


You can download the step-by-step instructions here. We wish you much pleasure in your creative work.

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